Tuesday, 19 August 2014

School Bags

The Summer holidays are slowly coming to an end. I have managed to get all of Pops school uniform but have yet to get her a school bag. Ahhh where do you start!! I think if Pops had her way it would come from Disney and would feature princesses. I'm not that keen and have said that she is allowed a pink one but finding one is a bigger problem than i realised. As most places seem to have sold out!!
The ones I love are a lot of money and I am  a little loathed to spend £60/70.
These are some of the ones i have been looking at.

Cath Kidston bramley Spring Mini Backpack - John Lewis £16

Mi-Pac mini Colour bloc backpack - John Lewis £19.99

Pink and grey stars backpack - Mango £24.99

Nike Grey and Pink backpack - £20 Next

Hershall Grey and Yellow - £55 alex and alexa

and last but not least....

Peach Pink Kranken Classic - online £65

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