Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Party Bag Fillers

Pops 4th birthday is slowly looming. Its the first time i said she could have a party. I am starting to think about what to do. She wants a mixture of boys and girls. I am not sure what to give as in the party bags.  There is so much to choose from and amounts to spend. You really have to do the maths otherwise you really can spend a fortune. Ebay and amazon of course are your best bets for cheapness. But its important to me that they are not full of too much tat. When Pops has been to a party the bags are usually full of the same thing. sweets, sticky wall men, tattoos, cake finger lights. I would like to be a little different without spending the earth. I am also thinking of cress seeds, homemade friendship bracelets, homemade fairy wands.

If you can add anything to help me along please do!!

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